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When you need high-quality growth marketing consultation, that combines planning, innovation, and implementation, Growthland is the right choice.

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Mikael Hugg

Mikael Hugg is one of the founders of Growthland, the Creative Marketing Director, and the person responsible for new customer relationships

His specialty is growth hacking and marketing for B2B companies, as well as the application of artificial intelligence to marketing and sales. He has worked with public companies, medium-sized businesses, and startups aiming for international growth.

For projects and hourly work, our price is €124 per starting hour.
For monthly billed work, the price is tailored according to the customer’s needs and budget.

Growthland is a growth marketing agency that offers high-quality marketing consultation and technical implementation for companies that want to grow.

Who we are

Growthland Combines Growth Hacking and B2B Digital Marketing

Growthland is a small, agile, and modern growth marketing boutique agency where top professionals in digital marketing and growth hacking assist their clients on the path of marketing growth.

The agency was founded by Finnish growth hacker and professional speaker Mikael Hugg, who has over 15 years of experience in marketing, growth hacking, and B2B sales.

He has worked with large brands such as Elisa, Vattenfall, Adidas, and EY, as well as many SMEs like Inhouse Group, Molok, and Valo Solutions. His latest startup created a new call automation industry in Finland.

At Growthland, we believe in continuous development and challenging the status quo.

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