Growthland founders Maria Hugg and Mikael Hugg standing in front of white background canvas in a photo studio

Growthland Announces 4-Day Workweek Trial for March 2023

Growthland, an Estonian growth marketing agency co-founded by Finnish serial entrepreneur Mikael Hugg, announced today that it will implement a four-day workweek trial for March 2023. During this time, team members will work from Monday to Thursday and have Fridays off while maintaining their current salaries.

“We’re excited to launch this trial as we believe it will positively impact our team members’ productivity, performance, and happiness,” said Hugg. “By giving our team an additional day off each week, we’re giving them the time to rest, recharge, and pursue other interests outside of work. We’re confident this will result in higher job satisfaction, lower stress levels, and ultimately, better results for our clients.”

The company is committed to maintaining the same level of productivity during this trial period. Team members will not be expected to be available during their time off.

“We’re not lowering wages, but keeping them as they are. Therefore, as our team members will be working one day less but still earning the same salary, their effective pay will increase,” said Hugg, Creative Director of Growthland.

This trial is part of Growthland’s ongoing commitment to team members’ well-being and work-life balance. The company is hopeful that the test will be successful and will lead to a permanent shift towards a four-day workweek.

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