Smarter B2B Lead Generation

Intelligent B2B lead acquisition is based on utilizing the latest tools, systems, and artificial intelligence. However, tools alone are not enough – Expertise in the most effective combination of methods guarantees results.

Case Study

Finaly: A sustainable way to find new customers

Finaly, a company specializing in outsourced financial management, needed a high-quality, partially automated digital system for acquiring new customers. Traditional methods, such as acquiring meetings through phone calls, did not yield the desired results.

The AI-based email system implemented for Finaly currently produces a steady open rate of about 60-70% and a response rate of about 20-30%. In practice, this machinery systematizes the work that B2B salespeople normally do manually. The system is also scalable as needed, so Finaly can now better manage its new customer acquisition and anticipate its growth.

How our service works?

Take a step towards smarter lead generation

A seamless and smooth customer experience is essential to us. That’s why we’ve designed our service so that you don’t need technical expertise and don’t need to provide access to your own systems. All the necessary resources for lead generation will come from us.

Book a time for a discovery call

Join us for a complimentary discovery call where we’ll determine if we’re a good fit for each other and explore potential lead generation methods. There’s no obligation, just a relaxed and informative conversation.

Join the Sales Email Workshop

Getting the lead generation engine up and running takes 4 weeks. During that time, we’ll hold a Sales Email Workshop and customize your landing page to match your brand image.

Track results in real-time

In each monthly service, we offer a dedicated data board that allows you to track key metrics in real-time, including email performance data, website visitor count, advertising effectiveness, and the number of IQL, MQL, and SQL leads.

The pricing for the outreach service is €1500 per month, including all the tools needed for lead acquisition and actions included in the project initiation.

Intelligent, multi-channel lead acquisition consistently and sustainably yields meaningful results.


Why choose Growthland for lead generation?

Lead generation should be systematic and planned. Growth hackers are the best choice as lead generation partners because the core of growth hacking is continuous validation and experimentation with new methods for everything that’s done.

Experienced growth hackers and sales professionals lead the customer teams
Tailored 1-to-1 email system and email account
Integrations between systems
Up to 250 ICP credits
1.5-hour Sales Email Workshop
Real-time data board for tracking results
Custom domain and domain hosting for a year
Cancel at any time with a 30-day notice

Watch A Lead Gen Video Demo

In the video, Growthland’s Creative Director Mikael Hugg presents the methods for B2B lead generation and what results the client can expect from the service.


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