Fractional CMO: Your Key to Accelerated Growth

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) enables cost-effective growth and development for your business. Benefit from cross-industry experience and results-oriented actions.

We are here for you.

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The Approach

Growth Hacking + RevOps + CMO

Companies thrive best when their marketing leader embodies the mindset of a growth hacker, implements a Revenue Operations (RevOps) framework, and steers the team through actionable strategies. Growthland delivers precisely this.

Our fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) offering is a neatly packaged suite of performance-driven operations, designed to scale flexibly to meet your specific needs.

Whether your objective is to drive growth, enter a new market (Go-To-Market, GTM), or streamline your marketing and sales funnel, we’re ready to assist.

Marketing Audit

Our first step as your fractional CMO is to conduct a thorough marketing audit. This analysis will uncover what has been done so far, how it was achieved, and the toolset used. Based on these insights, we set realistic goals and identify critical success factors.

Marketing Strategy

After the audit, our fractional CMO crafts a marketing strategy centered around RevOps. This strategy aims to streamline collaboration across marketing, sales, and product teams while optimally allocating financial and production resources to meet set goals.

Execution and Results

Once the strategy is in place, we switch to action mode. Our hands-on marketing execution follows the sprint model, a concept borrowed from growth hacking. Each marketing sprint is evaluated based on its results, with the goal of identifying the most effective marketing tactics for optimal outcomes.

The Succession Plan

In certain scenarios, a fractional CMO might be a long-term solution. However, often, the role serves as a stepping stone to enter new markets, fill a temporary gap, or establish a successful marketing blueprint. Regardless of your situation, we commit to helping you identify and train our successor at the end of our engagement.

Watch A Lead Gen Video Demo

How We Generate B2B Leads

In the video, Growthland’s Creative Director Mikael Hugg presents the methods for B2B lead generation and what results the client can expect from the service.

How Does Our Service Work?

4 Reasons to Opt for a Fractional CMO

A fractional CMO is an ideal fit for many businesses. Regardless of whether you need temporary help or sustained assistance, a fractional CMO is a practical and cost-efficient solution.

Cross-Industry Expertise

One of the most substantial benefits of a fractional CMO is the diverse industry experience they bring to the table. They can design a strategy and execute a plan that taps into the most effective methods identified across various sectors.

An External with an Internal Feel

Our fractional CMOs work closely with your teams, participating in meetings and discussions as part of your internal staff. They commit to your company’s goals throughout the assignment as if they were their own.

Launch with Tight Deadlines

A fractional CMO can hit the ground running, even on a tight schedule. While traditional hiring processes can take one to three months, our fractional CMO can be ready to start within a week, depending on availability. The process kicks off with scheduling a meeting.

Pay Only for the Work Done

The cost-efficiency of a fractional CMO comes from the fact that you only pay for the work carried out. Each month, clear objectives are defined, and the required capacity is allocated. Our retainer-based billing reflects this balance of capacity and need.

Download the 2023 Lead Generation Email Outreach Playbook

Playbook: Email Outreach Strategies Used by Leading Brands in 2023

We have gathered the most interesting cold email messages used by leading companies in the world for acquiring new customers in 2023.


Why Choose Growthland?

Growthland merges technical proficiency, commercial acumen, and marketing leadership expertise. As Revenue Operations (RevOps) specialists, we prioritize viewing marketing as a component of a broader picture, ensuring optimal effectiveness.

Traditional Agencies

Often lack proactive actions and can feel detached.

Monthly Cost: €5,000 – €10,000

A high number of junior staff can reduce the overall quality of work
Services need to be purchased individually
The work is more focused on technical implementation than on strategic thinking
Contract durations can be long, ranging from 6 to 12 months

Growthland CMO

We are proactive and integrate seamlessly into your organization.

Monthly Cost: €3,000 – €5,000

With 30 – 50% weekly capacity.

A seasoned fractional CMO will lead your team
Deep technical marketing expertise (PPC, SEM + SEO, CRO)
We possess extensive RevOps experience, including expertise in HubSpot and Pipedrive ecosystems.
We bring a deep understanding of website design and execution
Ability to design and implement a successful marketing strategy
We act as a proactive advocate for the client’s interests, operating as an integral part of your internal team
You can test our services by initially ordering a project-oriented marketing audit that does not obligate you to a CMO contract

In-House CMO

The hiring process is lengthy, lacking flexibility according to needs.

Monthly Cost: €7,000

When salary is €4,500 – €5,000 plus additional costs.

The quality of work is contingent on the individual’s skills and experience
You always pay for full capacity
The employee’s professional network may be limited
The employer is tied to the employee, making project-oriented assistance unfeasible

Services and Pricing

How Much Does a Fractional CMO Cost?

We have crafted our outsourced fractional CMO service into clear packages. Our pricing is based on the required capacity. You can order a separate marketing audit as a project and then decide on the service purchase.

We also offer work on small marketing projects at a straightforward, fixed hourly rate.

Each of our packages is customized to suit your needs.

Standalone Marketing Audit Project

Assess your current marketing position with our assistance. In the audit, we’ll pinpoint your marketing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, covering your main advertising channels and SEO.


One-time project. Duration: Approximately 2 weeks.

A single project to analyze your advertising platforms’ status and potential
We will go through Google Analytics and Search Console
We employ our SEO analytics tools to discover vulnerabilities and hidden opportunities
Deliverables include a Google Slides presentation (provided as a PDF) detailing analytics, advertising, search engine visibility, and future recommendations
The project starts with a 1.5-hour kick-off meeting and concludes with a 1.5-hour wrap-up meeting

Fractional CMO as a Service

An outsourced fractional CMO to build or lead your marketing team. Ideal for temporary replacements, Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, or managing your overall marketing.

€3,000 – €5,000/month

Price based on capacity needs at €1,000 per 10%. Contract duration: 3 – 12 months.

Includes a comprehensive Marketing Audit
Covers all essential marketing tasks from strategizing to implementation
An experienced outsourced CMO manages your team
Deep technical marketing expertise (PPC, SEM + SEO, CRO)
We bring extensive RevOps expertise, including proficiency with HubSpot or Pipedrive ecosystems
We have deep knowledge in areas such as website design and execution
Ability to design and implement a successful marketing strategy
We work as an integral part of your team, proactively advocating for your interests
Participation in your internal meetings and discussions
Regular reporting to the executive board
Contract period of 3 – 12 months

Hourly Billed Marketing Work

Hourly billed marketing is ideally suited for small marketing tasks or, for instance, coaching an existing CMO.


By the time estimate agreed upon in the job order.

Fast response to urgent tasks
Optimal for technical tasks requiring a few hours, like Tag Manager optimization or digital ad creation
Ideal for bespoke coaching and training sessions
Perfectly suited for tailored coaching and training sessions

Customer Stories

What Our Customers Say About Us

We at Molok Ltd are thrilled to be working with such a cheerful and knowledgeable growth marketing agency!

I can warmly recommend Growthland to anyone who wants to get the most out of their advertising budget and also learn about the latest industry trends and changes.

Marianne Kuusisto

Molok Oy

Working with Growthland has been nothing short of excellent.

What I value most about this collaboration is that the Growthland team is genuinely interested in helping us reach our goals and what that means from a marketing perspective. They are highly efficient, fearlessly innovative, and results-driven. Few partners think so profoundly about in-house operations.

Saara Vehoniemi

Inhouse Group Oy

It was really great to work with them, the project progressed smoothly and was completed by the agreed deadline.

We ended up with Growthland through a recommendation, and I must say that Growthland’s professional level was exactly what the recommender had praised.

Tomi Räsänen

Traitspotter Oy

Download The 2023 Email Outreach Playbook

Playbook: Email Outreach Strategies Used by Leading Brands in 2023.

We have gathered the most interesting cold email messages used by leading companies in the world for acquiring new customers in 2023.