Case Study: Finaly

Improving New Customer Acquisition

We are more than satisfied with Growthland. Their ability to understand our exact needs and find solutions that really work is exceptional.

Anne Kuutio | Founding Partner, Finaly Oy

The need

Sustainable Way to Find and Acquire New Customers

Finaly, a company specialized in outsourced financial management, needed a high-quality, partially automated digital new customer acquisition process. Outsourced financial management is a challenging field in the Business-to-Business sector due to its narrow customer target group. For this reason, traditional methods, such as cold calling, did not produce the desired results.

The solution

AI-Based, Partially Automated Emailing

We implemented an AI-based email platform for Finaly, which sends personalized emails individually to a predetermined target group. In practice, this platform systematizes the work that B2B salespeople normally do manually. Together with Finaly, we created target groups and suitable message templates for them. We also ran A/B tests, with which we found the best headlines and message content. Our system also sends follow-up messages, which significantly improved the results.

The results

Steady Flow of New Meetings and Customers Every Month

Our growth marketing service for Finaly is running on a monthly basis, which includes continuous optimization to the emailing system, as well as growth marketing consultation about possible new perspectives and customer segments. This email system is currently consistently producing about 60-70% open rates and about 20-30% response rates. The system also scales as needed, so Finaly is now better able to control their new customer acquisition and anticipate their growth.

For projects and hourly work, our price is €124 per starting hour.
For monthly billed work, the price is tailored according to the customer’s needs and budget.

Case Studies

Digital marketing,
lead generation, and AI

Improving New Customer Acquisition

Finaly, a company specialized in outsourced financial management, needed a solution for high-quality, partially automated new customer acquisition. We implemented an AI-assisted 1-to-1 email process, achieving approximately 70% open rates, around 30% response rates, and a significant amount of new appointments.

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