Fractional CMO: Your Key to Accelerated Growth

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) enables cost-effective growth and development for your business. Benefit from cross-industry experience and results-oriented actions.

Case Study

Inhouse Group: Journey to Becoming the Most Well-Known Sales House in Finland

Inhouse Group needed help with skilled marketing management, technical execution, and proactive planning. We assigned them their own growth marketing team along with a part-time marketing manager.

During our collaboration, we tripled the website visitors, renewed the entire corporate image from the logo to the website, created the popular podcast ‘Myynti ei ole kirosana’ (‘Sales is not a swear word’), and built an AI-utilizing digital growth marketing funnel for higher quality new customer acquisition.

The Approach

Growth Hacking + RevOps + CMO

Companies thrive best when their marketing leader embodies the mindset of a growth hacker, implements a Revenue Operations (RevOps) framework, and steers the team through actionable strategies. Growthland delivers precisely this.

Marketing Audit

Our first step as your fractional CMO is to conduct a thorough marketing audit. This analysis will uncover what has been done so far, how it was achieved, and the toolset used. Based on these insights, we set realistic goals and identify critical success factors.

Marketing Strategy

After the audit, our fractional CMO crafts a marketing strategy centered around RevOps. This strategy aims to streamline collaboration across marketing, sales, and product teams while optimally allocating financial and production resources to meet set goals.

Execution and Results

Once the strategy is in place, we switch to action mode. Our hands-on marketing execution follows the sprint model, a concept borrowed from growth hacking. Each marketing sprint is evaluated based on its results, with the goal of identifying the most effective marketing tactics for optimal outcomes.

For projects and hourly work, our price is €124 per starting hour.
For monthly billed work, the price is tailored according to the customer’s needs and budget.

How Does Our Service Work?

4 Reasons to Opt for a Fractional CMO

A fractional CMO is an ideal fit for many businesses. Regardless of whether you need temporary help or sustained assistance, a fractional CMO is a practical and cost-efficient solution.

Cross-Industry Expertise

One of the most substantial benefits of a fractional CMO is the diverse industry experience they bring to the table. They can design a strategy and execute a plan that taps into the most effective methods identified across various sectors.

An External with an Internal Feel

Our fractional CMOs work closely with your teams, participating in meetings and discussions as part of your internal staff. They commit to your company’s goals throughout the assignment as if they were their own.

Launch with Tight Deadlines

A fractional CMO can hit the ground running, even on a tight schedule. While traditional hiring processes can take one to three months, our fractional CMO can be ready to start within a week, depending on availability. The process kicks off with scheduling a meeting.

Pay Only for the Work Done

The cost-efficiency of a fractional CMO comes from the fact that you only pay for the work carried out. Each month, clear objectives are defined, and the required capacity is allocated. Our retainer-based billing reflects this balance of capacity and need.

Whether your objective is to drive growth, enter a new market (Go-To-Market, GTM), or streamline your marketing and sales funnel, we’re ready to assist.


Why Choose Growthland?

Growthland merges technical proficiency, commercial acumen, and marketing leadership expertise. As Revenue Operations (RevOps) specialists, we prioritize viewing marketing as a component of a broader picture, ensuring optimal effectiveness.

A seasoned fractional CMO will lead your team
Deep technical marketing expertise (PPC, SEM + SEO, CRO)
We possess extensive RevOps experience, including expertise in HubSpot and Pipedrive ecosystems.
We bring a deep understanding of website design and execution
Ability to design and implement a successful marketing strategy
We act as a proactive advocate for the client’s interests, operating as an integral part of your internal team

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