Case Study: Mentorsprint

Launching a Web Application

Mentorsprint is our work sample of creating an entire brand including a MVP-level platform by utilizing low-code tools.

Mikael Hugg | Growth Lead, Mentorsprint by Growthland

The need

A Web Application Where Anyone Can Learn to Use AI in Marketing

We have been using many AI tools in Growthland for our entire existence in both marketing and sales. The release of ChatGPT brought AI to a wider audience, and we began to receive continuous requests in the field of AI training. As a growth marketing agency, individual training sessions are not attractive due to their lack of scalability, so we decided to create a fully scalable service. For this, we needed a corporate identity, website, paid advertising, and a web application.

The solution

Websites, MVP-Level Platform, and Growth Marketing Automations

We created the entire project during the summer of 2023, from initial idea to the actual final product. As the quieter summer season lasts only about two months, we utilized a slew of different AIs to speed up the project. With the help of AI, we found a suitable name, produced some of the website texts and images, and edited parts of the training video content. In addition, we implemented our semi-automated, AI-assisted email platform for new customer acquisition and created a cost-effective paid advertising strategy from planning to implementation.

The results

Explosive Growth in New Users and a 4.7/5 Rating for Content Quality

As a training platform, Mentorsprint is still in the early stages of its journey, but the preliminary reception has exceeded all our expectations. Although the platform we created is still in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage, it has worked flawlessly even with a larger user load. We also hit the right value in terms of pricing, which is currently €30 per month. Our growth marketing plan includes driving organic traffic from social media in addition to paid advertising, which has proven to be a very effective method for acquiring new users.

For projects and hourly work, our price is €124 per starting hour.
For monthly billed work, the price is tailored according to the customer’s needs and budget.

Case Studies

Digital marketing,
lead generation, and AI

Improving New Customer Acquisition

Finaly, a company specialized in outsourced financial management, needed a solution for high-quality, partially automated new customer acquisition. We implemented an AI-assisted 1-to-1 email process, achieving approximately 70% open rates, around 30% response rates, and a significant amount of new appointments.

Nurturing New Leads, Finland’s leading company specializing in slowing down and compensating for climate change, wanted to optimize its B2B lead nurturing process. We executed a Hubspot migration, selected automation tools to use, and set up a customized email platform for growth marketing.

Website, Web App, and Marketing Plan

Mentorsprint, a concept created for Growthland’s streamable AI training videos, needed everything from corporate identity to websites, as well as a web application for streamable AI training videos and a marketing plan to acquire new users. In 1.5 months, the MVP-level platform was ready for release, and the first users…

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