Case Study:

Nurturing New Leads

Growthland has helped us to realize aspects of growth in marketing that we would not have even thought of ourselves.

Timo Tammenaho | CEO,

The need

Automated Lead Nurturing Process is a rapidly growing climate change combating startup, which needed an automated B2B lead nurturing process and continuous marketing efforts.’s customers are large and medium-sized companies that want to compensate their carbon footprint by investing in Finnish carbon sinks. Manual lead acquisition is slow and complex due to the size of the companies and ties up too much of the company’s limited human resources.

The solution

Paid Advertising, Email Platform, and Customized Hubspot CRM

We built a holistic growth marketing strategy for from paid advertising and its tracking to a semi-automated, AI-assisted email platform. In addition, we migrated them from Pipedrive CRM to Hubspot CRM. We customized Hubspot CRM with the help of Zapier so that we could create more complex automations between different tools. To make this more effective to implement, we mapped the entire lead nurturing process into a simple visual wireframe model.

The results

New Customers with Less Manual Work

Our marketing work for continues on a monthly basis. During our collaboration, we have clearly noticed an increase in new customers, and identifying new target groups has become easier with the help of tracking tools. Currently, paid advertising brings continuous, relevant traffic to the site and converts more efficiently into the lead nurturing funnel built around Hubspot. The visual wireframe model of the purchase funnel has helped to optimize their sales processes to be more efficient.

For projects and hourly work, our price is €124 per starting hour.
For monthly billed work, the price is tailored according to the customer’s needs and budget.

Case Studies

Digital marketing,
lead generation, and AI

Improving New Customer Acquisition

Finaly, a company specialized in outsourced financial management, needed a solution for high-quality, partially automated new customer acquisition. We implemented an AI-assisted 1-to-1 email process, achieving approximately 70% open rates, around 30% response rates, and a significant amount of new appointments.

Nurturing New Leads, Finland’s leading company specializing in slowing down and compensating for climate change, wanted to optimize its B2B lead nurturing process. We executed a Hubspot migration, selected automation tools to use, and set up a customized email platform for growth marketing.

Website, Web App, and Marketing Plan

Mentorsprint, a concept created for Growthland’s streamable AI training videos, needed everything from corporate identity to websites, as well as a web application for streamable AI training videos and a marketing plan to acquire new users. In 1.5 months, the MVP-level platform was ready for release, and the first users…

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