Case Study: Inhouse Group

Outsourced Marketing

Growthland has restored our faith in outsourced marketing expertise. They now handle all of our company’s marketing and growth strategies.

Saara Vehoniemi | Founding Partner, Inhouse Group Oy

The need

New Website, Digital Marketing and Visibility

Inhouse Group needed help for a complete transformation. The company had outgrown its previous corporate image and marketing strategies. Their need covered everything from renewing the website to a new logo, appearance, and clearer digital presence.

The solution

Website Project, Fractional CMO, and an Outsourced Marketing Team

We started by creating a new corporate image, and designed and built their new website. In addition, we optimized the pages for faster speed and better conversion of inbound leads. After this, we began to carry out continuous growth marketing work in the role of a Fractional CMO, producing both organic content and optimizing paid advertising. We also conceptualized the now highly popular ‘Myynti ei ole kirosana’ (‘Sales is not a swear word’) podcast.

The results

Increased Site Visitors, New Podcast, and Clear Tracking of Marketing Efforts

We started working with Inhouse Group in 2020 and our collaboration continues to this day. During this time, we have tripled the amount of site visitors, improved acquisition of reliable marketing data on both the website and advertising platforms, and gained a loyal following for the ‘Myynti ei ole kirosana‘ podcast published on Spotify.

For projects and hourly work, our price is €124 per starting hour.
For monthly billed work, the price is tailored according to the customer’s needs and budget.

Case Studies

Digital marketing,
lead generation, and AI

Improving New Customer Acquisition

Finaly, a company specialized in outsourced financial management, needed a solution for high-quality, partially automated new customer acquisition. We implemented an AI-assisted 1-to-1 email process, achieving approximately 70% open rates, around 30% response rates, and a significant amount of new appointments.

Nurturing New Leads, Finland’s leading company specializing in slowing down and compensating for climate change, wanted to optimize its B2B lead nurturing process. We executed a Hubspot migration, selected automation tools to use, and set up a customized email platform for growth marketing.

Website, Web App, and Marketing Plan

Mentorsprint, a concept created for Growthland’s streamable AI training videos, needed everything from corporate identity to websites, as well as a web application for streamable AI training videos and a marketing plan to acquire new users. In 1.5 months, the MVP-level platform was ready for release, and the first users…

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